We are FTx

We are a renowned market-leading Information Technology Company providing one-stop solutions to B2B and B2C customers ranging from Start-ups, Agencies, to Enterprise. We are highly respected and praised for our agile adherence, robust DevOps process, Service Level Agreement approach, and timely delivery.

We are flexible in our work approach and can partner with you on an array of different fronts like Consulting, Strategy, Transformation Roadmap, etc. in a wide variety of business domains like SaaS-based products, eCommerce, Marketplaces, Business Analytics, and Third-party Integrations. We can deliver world-class solutions and services in the areas of Software Development and Solutions, Web Application Solutions, Mobile Application Solutions that build a solid foundation for your business.

About Us

Our Foundation

  • Our Aim 

    Quality IT solutions are our niche, empowering your business through a perfect blend with innovation, progressive technologies, and profound capability. 
  • Our Vision

    'Customer Success and Employee Happiness' – achieving sustainable growth with our client's success and improving FTx Infotech's brand perception among our clients and employees.
  • Our Mission

    Developing innovative and contemporary IT solutions that provide a delighted virtual presence for your business. 
  • Our Corporate Values 

    Creating an environment of teamwork, respect, equality, and security for our people. We ensure their growth and reward their performance.  
Our Foundation

Our Core Values

We give our best to our customers because our ideology is based on the bedrock of these core values. They have helped us wade through some of the most challenging scenarios.

  • Cultured

    One of our most valued characteristics is our diversified workplace. We are a team of individuals whose ideas are brought together to bring our clients a cultured plan for success.

  • Openness & Honesty

    We are building trust with open communication, as we believe it is the foundation of a long-term relationship.

  • Excellence

    Flexibility leads to excellence, and thus, we are customizing all our services, considering the client’s specific requirements.

  • Integrity

    We never compromise our values and principles, no matter how tough the requirement is. We are doing what is right, not what is the easiest.

  • Teamwork

    From planning to actual code writing, then to support and maintenance, our team works together as a single indivisible organism to deliver result-oriented solutions.

  • On-time Delivery

    Time is everything. This is what we believe and thus, putting extra effort into delivering quality development solutions on time.

Our Leadership Team

“Faces Behind Our Success – We have a treasure trove of dedicated, fun-loving, and hard-working professionals who drive technological innovation to deliver value to our clients.”

Douglas Nolan is the CEO & Co-Founder of FTx Infotech. As an enthusiastic person he has a great passion for the IT industry and believes in delivering quality solutions. Customer satisfaction is among his top priorities. Recognized as a strong coach and team leader, Doug's motto is to 'treat people as you wish to be treated'. Skilled at learning and applying new sales techniques, Doug also enjoys fishing.

Douglas Nolan


Anil is a passionate technology leader helping organisations in designing modern enterprise business solutions, revenue growth by innovations, develop insights & strategy on digital transformation and reduce costs through business process improvements. As a Chief Technology Officer at FTx, He plays a leadership role in developing the product vision, strong technological solutions, policies, and practices required to support FTx’s ambitious plan. During his free time he loves to go for swimming and play with his kids and Dog.

Anil Thakkar

Chief Technology Officer

I'm the proud father of four boys. My wife and I spend many of our days transporting them to and from sports activities and my greatest joy in life is to watch their happiness as they play. I don't watch TV or movies because I am presently producing a movie of my own. I really want to make a difference in the world, so my life's passion is to grow and deliver food to people in need. I know what it's like to be hungry and I never want anyone else to experience that feeling.

Darren Schwartz


Covered in glitter

Zack leads the development effort at FTx with his technical expertise and vision. He has spent the past 20 years developing applications specifically for retail environments. His attention to detail is unrelenting and he is always looking towards new technology to increase efficiency. He is married with 2 teenage daughters so there is always some form of glitter on him.

Zack McAnally

Director of Development

Derek is a critically thinking, driven, and passionate individual that thrives in all things involving technology, both hardware and software. With over 15 years in the retail and technology industries, he is incredibly knowledgeable in those avenues and feels it is instrumental to practice learning and evaluating analytical data every day to stay proficient. As Product Owner, effectively guiding the software development process is key to delivering an intuitive, simplistic, yet powerful product that is to remain at the forefront of industry. He’s an avid gamer, reader, and audiobook listener, and he most of all loves dedicating family time with his son and many pets daily.

Derek Sandoval

Product Owner

An Avid Learner

Justin, an avid learner, is always looking for the latest programming technologies. He believes learning something new each day not only helps benefit his career path, but keeps his mind fresh and sharp. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing music. Justin's instrument of choice is the guitar and he often accompanies his playing with vocals.

Justin Bevan

Lead Cloud Architect/Developer

Why Choose from FTx Infotech?

Experienced and Skilled Team
Having domain expertise, our development team leaves no stone unturned to satisfy a client with trendy and innovative solutions. 
Round the clock support team
Whether you need an urgent report or want to discuss further requirements, we are available round the clock on a phone call, email, text, or Skype. 
Access to cutting-edge technology
Delivering a plethora of innovative and budget-friendly solutions through an experienced team who can work on breakthrough technology. 
QA Tested & Bug-free Solution
We dig up your fresh ideas, develop it excellently, and delivered bug-free solutions after quality checks.
Flexible Engagement Models
Offering three different engagement models, i.e., fixed cost, Time & Material, and ODC (Offshore Development Cost, to choose as per the project's requirement.
Security and IP Protection
Utilizing the best practices, we are committed to securing business processes. We have a set of corporate policies and procedures that every member must comply with.
Strict NDA Policy
Ensuring to sign a strict NDA policy with our clients before involving any of your projects, as we respect privacy and intellectual rights.
Transparent and Co-operative Approach
We provide a cost-free analysis on your business idea and ensure to maintain complete transparency throughout the engagement and beyond.
Agile Trusted Delivery Methods
Our development team stays focused on their service promise and provides the most amazing deliverables with agile delivery methods on-time, every time.

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