Internet of Things (IoT)

Building Value Tunes to Your Business Needs, in an agile way with IoT Solutions

Why IoT Solutions for Your Enterprises?

Extending the power of the Internet, IoT (Internet of Things) connects to the Internet with billions of devices, ranging from fitness bands, smart homes, and industrial equipment. IoT opens a host of new opportunities for companies, consumers, enterprises, and government by merging the online world with a physical one. Of course, there are many challenges, but that’s why FTx is here.

We, at FTx Infotech, provide IoT services & solutions with the actual value of connectivity that delivers a genuinely customer-centric experience. Our comprehensive IoT services empower organizations to:

  • Analyze and Act on New Data
  • Enhance Decision Making with AI
  • Connect and Measure with Efficiency
  • Integrate and Transform Business Processes
  • Integrate IoT solutions with existing Enterprises Architecture
  • Develop, Integrate, Deploy and Manage throughout IoT Processes
Why IoT Solutions for Your Enterprises?

Our IoT Services

IoT Consulting

We offer a full-range IoT consulting, including strategic planning, IoT architecture design, tech stack selection, cybersecurity strategy design, etc. through experienced business analysts and software architects.

IoT Integration & Implementation

Leveraging our domain expertise, we provide advanced IoT solutions, including sensor/equipment integration, to Business Intelligence Integration, to address your business objectives.

Full-cycle IoT development

We, at FTx Infotech, offer a complete IoT development solution like Data warehouse design and engineering, custom web and mobile app development, device, and network security testing, API design, and app launch through experienced IoT development team.

IoT analytics

We offer both IoT analytics as a service and IoT analytics solutions – from analysis to solution and management to help businesses draw actionable insights from IoT data through their enterprise-wide analytics tool.

IoT Data Management

With expertise in offering cloud-based IoT data management solutions, our IoT experts develop a scalable architecture that enables visualization, analytics, and data modeling from IoT devices.

IoT Application Development

We, at FTx Infotech, provide IoT application development services that ensure organizations continuously gain value and solve real-world problems by generating business insights.

Our Process

  • 1Research and Discovery

  • 2Validating Idea and Defining Right Solution

  • 3Design and Prototyping

  • 4Development

  • 5Testing and Quality Assurance

  • 6Maintenance and Post-Support

Why Hire FTx for IoT Solutions?

FTx Infotech is a reliable IoT solutions and services provider, offering the best-of-class solutions for all your IoT requirements. Our IoT developers having expertise across all stages of IoT adoption and, therefore, provide end-to-end service for a range of verticals. Our IoT-based solution enhances efficiency, improves business value by reducing operations and maintenance costs. FTx focuses predominantly on every segment along with offering benefits like:

  • Experience in Working with all IoT ecosystem components

    Experience in Working with all IoT ecosystem components

  • Expertise in providing Flexible IoT solutions

    Expertise in providing Flexible IoT solutions

  • Secured IoT Solutions

    Secured IoT Solutions

  • No Hidden Charges

    No Hidden Charges

  • Flexible Hiring Packages

    Flexible Hiring Packages

  • Strict to NDA Terms

    Strict to NDA Terms

Our Industry Specific Solutions

Infrastructure Automation

Using IoT, we provide infrastructure automation solutions to solve infrastructure and cities related problems and empower cities with IoT Solutions.

Home Automation

From controlling air conditioners to lights and other appliances, we provide IoT based home automation solution with Smart Facilities.

Smart Assets

Bringing higher profits by leveraging smart assets to lead business processes efficiently.

Energy Monitoring

Offering smart energy monitoring solutions to analyze energy data and prioritize the decision process based on that data.

Smart Manufacturing

Advanced Analytics to enable smarter decisions and more efficient production operations.

Smart Supply Chain

From the manufacturer to the vendor provides detailed visibility of products, with just a single tap on the data gathered by IoT devices.

Our Pricing Models

Choose the Right Package for Your Project


Suited for entrepreneurs & startups, this pricing model works best for medium to large projects with specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

Suited for startups, this pricing model is ideal for businesses with small and medium project sizes who prefer to pay only for the resources and time used.


Suited for enterprises, this pricing model works best for projects with evolving requirements. To accommodate, we will set up an IT infrastructure solely for your continuing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet of Things (IoT) includes edge computing, networking, sensors, controllers, actuators, data management, apps, cloud computing, connectivity management, and device management.
An IoT solution is a blend of devices/other data sources, prepared with Internet-connected hardware and sensors to send information to an IoT platform.
Edge Computing in IoT is a way to enable devices to process data at or near where it is collected rather than sending it to the cloud or a data center.
A network of connected sensors is used to monitor industrial equipment to inform machine operators regarding component conditions, output, or impending failure. Industrial equipment monitoring is an IoT solution that uses an IoT platform to merge disparate data and enable the operator to respond to real-time data.
IoT helps to provide real-time information that helps to make a better decision. It is considered the best solution to check the best transportation routes, minimize manufacturing defects, or get personal health details.

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