Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bringing Revolution to the Business Process Automation using Cognitive Technologies

What RPA Is

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging form of process automation technology, replacing repetitive manual work with software ‘robots.’

Why RPA Matters

RPA helps an organization transform its core operations and embrace innovation across the enterprise with higher transactional volumes, operational efficiency, and costs in daily business process execution.

What’s the Future

Deploying RPA intelligently by unlocking the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and (ML) Machine Learning capabilities to improvised analytics and improved data accuracy.

Empowering Businesses with End-to-end RPA solutions

At FTx, we have expertise in creating a digital workforce using UiPath and Kofax that work side-by-side with your employees. We utilize these platforms to develop robot software that automatizes key business process activities. Our RPA experts also use an extensible selection of in-built, shareable, and customizable activities and leverage the existing infrastructure without any heavy integration.

To put RPA at the center of digital transformation, our RPA experts provide bot solutions by integrating and acquiring data from enterprise apps, portals, and websites to streamline the processing of digital content and deliver insight for instant decision making. Our RPA solutions provide many benefits to businesses like:

  • Fast Benefit Realization
  • Minimal Upfront Investment
  • No Disruption to Underlying Systems
  • Improve Data Security and Compliance
  • Complete, Correct, And Consistent Outputs
Empowering Businesses with End-to-end RPA solutions

Our Service Offerings

  • RPA Consulting

    RPA Consulting

    Identifying the right RPA and OCR tools, our RPA consultants plan to define a clear roadmap for the automation journey with the best practices & guidelines of the program.

  • Digital Business Process Automation

    Digital Business Process Automation

    Automatizing business workflows, content analysis, management, etc. with a data-driven approach so your employees can focus on activities that add more value.

  • Automation Design

    Automation Design

    FTx’s Automation Experts design robotic process architecture that plays nice with most legacy applications and easier to implement.

  • Legacy System Integration

    Legacy System Integration

    Upgrading and modernizing legacy, cloud, and on-premise systems to deliver desired performance for faster operations and subsequent business growth.

  • IT Support Automation Services

    IT Support Automation Services

    Turning your customer support into a 24-hour help desk by redirecting customers to resolve queries, knowledgebase articles, etc. consequently, you can focus on meeting SLAs, increasing efficiency, etc.

  • Web Extraction Services

    Web Extraction Services

    FTx’s web extraction services deliver relevant, accurate, and structured data in your preferred formats that help you with price comparison, sentiment analysis, market research, and so on.

  • RPA Implementation

    RPA Implementation

    RPA experts at FTx design and develop bots using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cognitive services for process automation and then, arrange workflows and governance, and rollout validation.

Why FTx Infotech for Robotic Process Automation?

At FTx Infotech, we have a team of RPA experts who works across multiple RPA tools and frameworks to develop innovative automated solutions for enterprises. Having proficiency across app services and infrastructure management, we can integrate RPA with transformational and cognitive technologies to automate and accelerate business process transformation that delivers winning customer experiences. As a preferred managed services partner for many enterprises, we deliver a result-oriented solution with benefits like:

  • Scalable, Future Proof RPA Solutions
  • Flexible and Transparent Pricing
  • Robust Support Portal for Quick Self-Help, 24/7
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • Strict to NDA Terms
Why FTx Infotech for Robotic Process Automation?

How does Robotic Process Automation work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use Cases


Patient data processing

Medical billing and Processing

Patient Payment Consolidation, and more

Travel & Hospitality

Competitor Pricing Analysis

Travel Package Selection

Travel Expense Management

Payment Processing, and more.


Demand and Supply Planning

Customer Support Management

Order and Invoicing Management, and more.

Life Sciences

Procurement Planning

Account Management

Inventory & Order Management

Warehouse Management, and more

Human Resources

Employee Information Management


Reimbursements, and more

Finance and Accounting

Order management Billing


Reconciliation, and more


Invoice Processing

Purchase Order Management

Contract Management, and more


Credit card & Loan Processing

Fraud Detection

KYC Process

Report Automation, and more


Invoice Generation and Validation

ERP Business workflow automation

Logistics Automation, and more

Our Pricing Models

Choose the Right Package for Your Project


Suited for entrepreneurs & startups, this pricing model works best for medium to large projects with specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

Suited for startups, this pricing model is ideal for businesses with small and medium project sizes who prefer to pay only for the resources and time used.


Suited for enterprises, this pricing model works best for projects with evolving requirements. To accommodate, we will set up an IT infrastructure solely for your continuing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Automation means taking robotic process automation and improve it with ML, AI, and other cognitive technologies for more custom design for the process automation that can be implemented across organizations.
Ideally, RPA works excellent for the activities that involve transactional data from various sources like travel and expenses, Invoice processing, payroll input, and so on.
RPA can be used by SME, SMB, and large national businesses. Nowadays, this technology is adopted by every sector like Telecoms, Travel, Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and so on.
The cost of RPA depends on the functionality and complexity of the software. We can deploy RPA within committed time; however, continuous efforts are needed for sustained benefits
Of course. We have a team of RPA experts, who can assist with the technical aspects. Share your RPA requirements with and get a free 30-minute consultation.

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