Vulnerability Assessment

Addressing Identifiable Vulnerabilities by Integrating Advanced Scanning Technology into All Vulnerability Assessments

Our Vulnerabilities Classification Techniques

Vulnerability Assessment is a process of identifying, measuring, and addressing the security vulnerabilities that exist within the enterprise’s infrastructure, including cloud networks and on-premise. At FTx Infotech, we provide a complete vulnerability assessment service, including operating systems like Windows, Solaris, Linux, etc. and network equipment such as routers, switches, firewalls, and others.

Our experts at FTx Infotech divide the detected security weaknesses into a group as per the severity level, type, etc. with below classifications:

  • OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks
  • Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification
  • Common Vulnerability Scoring System
  • OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks
  • Open Web Application Security Project Testing Guide
Our Vulnerabilities Classification Techniques

When to Use Vulnerability Assessment

Before undertaking a formal compliance audit

Acquiring security products and services

While writing data and information security policies

While planning an incident response strategy

Advantages of a Vulnerability Assessment

  • Asset Visibility

    Asset Visibility

    At FTx Infotech, we analyze your network and classify IT systems and data to understand how vulnerable your assets are to a cyber-attack.

  • Defensive Controls

    Defensive Controls

    Our experts will review your external and internal technology defenses' capability to manage, detect, and prevent the latest cyber threats.

  • Cyber Security Planning

    Cyber Security Planning

    To deliver the superior allocation of cyber-defense resources, we ensure to prioritize cybersecurity risks to your business.

  • Vulnerabilities Support

    Vulnerabilities Support

    Our experts help your business with remediate vulnerabilities by limiting data breaches.

Why FTx Infotech for Vulnerability Assessment?

With 7+ years of experience providing vulnerability assessment services, our team is ready to offer a high-quality assessment, whether one-time or managed services. At FTx Infotech, we provide a final vulnerability assessment report in two parts, i.e., an executive summary and a technical report. In addition to this, our experts will also provide recommendations concerning corrective measures that should be applied to remediate the revealed vulnerabilities. Hiring us for vulnerability assessment service benefits from:

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Strict to NDA Terms
  • Expanded and Sustained Knowledgebase
  • Timely Completion of Projects
  • Flexible and Transparent Pricing
Why FTx Infotech for Vulnerability Assessment?

How We Analyze Vulnerability?

Our Pricing Models

Choose the Right Package for Your Project


Suited for entrepreneurs & startups, this pricing model works best for medium to large projects with specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

Suited for startups, this pricing model is ideal for businesses with small and medium project sizes who prefer to pay only for the resources and time used.


Suited for enterprises, this pricing model works best for projects with evolving requirements. To accommodate, we will set up an IT infrastructure solely for your continuing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vulnerability Assessment is a series of automated and manual processes and processes used to assess and prioritize security vulnerabilities in a system, i.e., infrastructure and application. Usually, a vulnerability assessment can target apps that underlie servers/infrastructure.
The cost of Vulnerability Assessment depends on the scope of the VA. Kindly share your requirements with us to know the estimated VA cost.
We have a dedicated project manager for every project who will provide you with regular updates about your Vulnerability Assessment project.
Yes, we will sign your NDA to ensure that your project is safe and secure with us.

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