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Do you want to boost your reach to several platforms at once? Developing two different apps for platforms like iOS and Android costs more and thus, React Native app development is a solution through which you can use a single code on several platforms to make your development cost affordable and more timely.

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React Native Development

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Why React Native for App Development?

Why React Native for App Development?

Developed by Facebook, React Native is an open-source app development framework that allows developers to write only one app script but allows them to deploy it on multiple platforms. This framework is based on JavaScript so, developers can use it for web and mobile platforms both with a single codebase. Some of the popular apps developed using React Native are UberEats, Facebook, and Instagram.  

The best feature of React Native is it provides a library of pre-built components that help React Native developers to speed up the development process. React Native combines seamlessly with components written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift making iOS and Android app development faster. It also supports third-party plugins!   

Our React Native Development Workflow

  • 01 Discuss Your Idea

    Discuss Your Idea

    The initial stage of development consists of sharing ideas and doing competitor research. If what a competitor is doing isn't working, there is no sense in copying it. Once we finalize your idea, we start defining business goals.

  • 02 Start with Wire-Framing 

    Start with Wire-Framing 

    Our React Native app developers will define the location of the screen elements to deliver you a better user-centric experience. Our development team also creates use cases in this stage.

  • 03 Designing an App  

    Designing an App  

    In this phase, we provide you will have suggestions regarding screen designs from which you have to choose the best one for your business.

  • 04 App Development

    App Development

    In this stage, we start with coding and create a layout of the main section. Once coding is done, we reveal this section to you for feedback, suggestions, and approval.

  • 05 Testing and Deployment

    Testing and Deployment

    At last, our QA team tests the application to ensure that it is bug-free and send it to you for final approval. Once the app gets approved, it will be deployed to the App Store and to your server.

Helping Businesses Minimize Mobile App Development Cost

Helping Businesses Minimize Mobile App Development Cost

We are a new generation React Native App Development Service Provider, having the required skills and expertise needed for developing the best React native apps. We have worked on many mobile app development projects and delivered a globalized reach to every client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The exact React Native app development costs depend on the features and functionality you want to add to your app. It also depends on the complexity and your preferences. Fill out our contact form to know the exact app development cost and estimated development time.
No, we are also developing native apps for iOS and Android. You can share your requirements in detail and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.
Not an issue. We have worked with non-IT industries as well and we stay loyal and honest with them. Contact us to discuss your idea and will convert it into an app.
We know little ignorance can cause big security issues. So to secure your app’s data, we use an authentication token system and encrypting sensitive data to secure data storage.
Yes, we do sign an NDA. After the completion of your project, we will hand over the source code to you.