Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Apps

Creating, Managing and Securing Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions

What Is It?

The components like hardware, abstracted resources, storage, and network resources – required to support cloud computing.

How does It work?

An abstraction technology is used to separate resources from physical hardware and pool them into clouds. Then, management tools and automation software distribute these resources and provide new environments for users to access.

What does It Include?

Cloud infrastructure is made up of components like hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking, which are integrated into a single architecture supporting business operations.

Powering Innovation with Agile and Intelligent Infrastructure

Enterprises want to secure cloud and infrastructure service, as they are the heart of the customer experience and any digital transformation effort. At FTx Infotech, we offer cloud and infrastructure services that help enterprises accelerate innovation and provide agility to respond to changing market conditions

With a rich experience of transformation experience at global enterprises, we have developed, managed, and secured cloud and infrastructure solutions for the complex demanding enterprises. Our experts use a proven approach in delivering enterprise cloud and data center services. At FTx Infotech, we focus on competencies in the domain of Cloud Computing. Our services enable enterprises for

  • Cloud-Native Transformation
  • Cloud Platform Services
  • Cloud Strategy Assessment
  • Cloud Application Hosting
  • Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions Management
Powering Innovation with Agile and Intelligent Infrastructure

Our Cloud Application Services

Cloud-Enabled Application Development

Offering cloud-based automated services with developing, re-platform, and integrating applications for Startups, ISVs, and Enterprises helps them achieve agility, transparency, and efficiency.

Cloud Migration Services

We have expertise in migrating legacy applications to the cloud by configuring a multi-provider infrastructure, streamline the workload migration, and facilitate designing and migrating to support your transformative journey.

Cloud-Native Development

Drive your business growth with our Cloud-Native services, including DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers, by designing, developing, and deploying cloud-native applications.

Cloud Integration

With on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud integration services, our expert integrates processes, databases, and network resources to enable data flow and transactions across various systems while going cloud.

Cloud Analytics and AI

Streamlining data analysis, automating the planning & reporting mechanism, and develop machine learning models with cloud analytics and AI in addition to machine learning, and big data tools.

Cloud Security

Develop bespoke Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) using our expertise in data security, application security, and network security to ensure cloud security and get automated testing for compliance standards like PCI and HIPAA.

Why FTx Infotech for Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Apps?

Why FTx Infotech for Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Apps?

At FTx Infotech, we have experts to deliver innovative and robust cloud infrastructure and cloud apps solutions with new user experience and powerful performance. From ideation to launch, we also provide cloud-based application development services using Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and Amazon Web Services. Leveraging the cloud, we can help enterprises to transform your infrastructure and provide many advantages like

  • N+1 Infrastructure
  • Flexible Pricing Packages
  • Cloud Management Portal
  • 99% uptime SLA
  • Strict to NDA Terms
  • No Hidden Charges

We also Offer Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

FTx Infotech upholds its clients that we deliver Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions with congregating public clouds, private clouds, virtual machines (VMs), and microservices to provide the best experiences. We help to create your own perfect world with our Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions:
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment Using Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • DevOps Consulting, DevOps Assessment, and DevOps Enablement
  • Using Openstack, Docker, and Kubernetes to build your Own Cloud Infrastructure
  • Build API and Hosting Platform as a Service with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Build Microservices Architecture for Application
  • Cloud Storage Solution using SWIFT, CepH
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring
We also Offer Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

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