Frontend Engineering

Offering Forward-Thinking Solutions in Engineering with Advance Technologies

Why Front-end Engineering?

Frontend engineering delivers clients a strategic plan that outlines all of the project’s specific requirements before commencement. Front-end engineering service helps to identify risk areas, provides value engineering opportunities, and estimated cost for budgeting and capital approval purposes. Front-End Engineering deals with:

  • Functional Specifications
  • General Arrangement
  • Requirements Planning
  • Process Equipment Planning
  • Operation Assessments
  • Formulation Development Work
  • Project Scheduling
  • Detailed Workflow Analysis
  • Conceptual Design Support
Why Front-end Engineering?

Our Front-end Engineering Services

At FTx InfoTech, we work closely with every client to define their project requirements before commencing a capital investment. From preparing documentation to support the client for future investment, our frontend engineering team serve clients of diverse industries. Our team has expertise in developing reference as well as lump sum bid packages to simplify the completion of work in a quick timeframe. We serve our global clients with a wide range of services like:

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) Services

Project Management Services

Procurement Services

Engineering Services

Quality Management

Construction Management Services

Hire Dedicated Frontend Engineer in 5 Step

  • 1Discuss Project Idea

  • 2Resume screening and Interview

  • 3Final Selection Process

  • 4Terms & Contract

  • 5Get Started

Why FTx Infotech for Front-end Engineering Services?

In this competitive environment, businesses need to adopt advanced solutions in engineering to create more value for their customers. We, at FTx, offer forward-thinking frontend engineering services that developed with proven methodologies and standardized processes.

Our frontend engineers ensure to start the client’s project on a solid foundation using their expertise in project development and capital planning. We guarantee to define the project scope clearly and predict project funding requirements accurately. Hiring our frontend engineers offers many advantages like

  • Offering end-to-end frontend engineering solutions regardless of phase in the project lifecycle.
  • Helping clients to transform into the next-generation EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) organization
  • Delivering superior engineering services to optimize costs and efforts.
  • Integrating project management for control and risk management
  • Offering complete visibility of the project
Why FTx Infotech for Front-end Engineering Services?

Our Pricing Models

Choose the Right Hiring Plan for Your Project


Suited for entrepreneur & startups, this pricing model works best for medium to large projects with specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

Suited for startups, this pricing model works for small and medium project sizes, as you only have to pay for the resources and time you use.


Suited for enterprises, this pricing model works with evolving project requirements. We set up an IT infrastructure solely for the continuing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We, at FTx Infotech, offer three different pricing models, i.e., Fixed, Time & Material, and ODC (Offshore Development Center). If you want total control of development processes, choose ODC while fixed price/ Time & Material model works when project requirements are not likely to change, and project duration can be determined.
Yes, we provide a full-time dedicated project manager who will provide you updates on your ongoing project regularly and will only work for your project dedicatedly.
Yes, your hired engineers will dedicatedly work on your project, and only you have the total access and complete control of them.
Yes, you can hire frontend developer hourly basis or project-wise if you know the task to accomplish from the developer. We provide you the flexibility to change the hiring models on a later stage.
Of course, we sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement and all other legal documents when you hire frontend engineers from FasTrax Infotech.

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