Performance Assessment

Evaluating Quality and Performance of Software Applications with Performance Assessment Services

FTx Performance Assessment Solutions

At FTx Infotech, we offer performance assessment solutions to evaluate and improve the overall application’s performance. Having a team of experienced performance engineers, we use various performance testing tools like Load Runner, Silk Performer, Jmeter, and other open-source test automation tools to identify and minimize performance-based defects.

Not only application performance assessment, but also, we have expertise in website performance testing and thus, offering performance engineering like load, capacity planning, endurance, production monitoring, consulting, and so on. Our performance assessment approaches and methodologies include, but not limited to:

  • Performance Monitoring Approach
  • Performance Testing on Cloud
  • Automated Performance Test Accelerators
  • Agile Performance Testing Methodology
  • Performance Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • User Experience (UX) based Performance Testing
  • Performance Test Suite development & maintenance
  • Performance Engineering in DevOps
  • End-to-end Performance Engineering Services
FTx Performance Assessment Solutions

Our Consistent & Reliable Performance Testing Service

Load Testing Services

Using the loading testing tools, our experts evaluate the software’s behavior a specific expected load to ensure that software performs proficiently when there is an unexpected increase in load.

Stress Testing

Identifying the maximum system’s operating capacity and then, check whether the system performs satisfactorily if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This approach helps to provide the right reports wherein determining the robustness and the stability of the system.

Soak Testing

Identifying issues related to memory, log file handles, etc. by evaluating your app’s stability and performance over an extended period to ensure it works as planned.

Scalability Testing

Our testing experts measure software capability by applying more load and architectural changes to ensure the software is scalable.

Volume Testing

Our performance engineers have expertise in determining the number of users accommodated by the system.

Web Service Performance Testing

We provide continuous and uninterrupted services by delivering interactive and visually appealing sites with perfect response time and high performance.

Spike Testing

With spike testing service, our experts evaluate the system/application responds to an immense spiking & fall of user load

Concurrency Testing

Our performance assessment expertise evaluates how the app works when multiple users log into it to recognize risks like deadlocks, server response time, and data associated with concurrency.

Why FTx for Performance Assessment Services?

As an accredited quality assurance company, FTx Infotech provides state-of-the-art performance assessment solutions that improve software/application performance. We offer a wide range of performance assessment services for various domains and platforms like web, cloud, mobile, desktop, and analytics. From identifying all key business scenarios to measuring end-user response time, our experts will help standardize the overall software/ application performance.

  • Expert Performance Assessment Engineers
  • Early Detection of Performance Blocks
  • Reduction in Time-to-market
  • Reduction in Overall Development and Infrastructure Costs
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Flexible Hiring Models
Why FTx for Performance Assessment Services?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Performance testing is one of the vital software testing types in which scalability, speed, and reliability are tested to determine the system’s performance.
There are many advantages offered by performance testing service from measuring the software’s stability to identifying discrepancies and resolving them.
Our experts usually considered parameters like Memory and Processor usage, Network output queue length, Response time, CPU interruption per second, Thread counts, Committed memory, and so on.
Some of the critical performance testing types include load testing, soak testing, spike testing, stress testing, etc.
Performance Testing checks the system’s responsiveness while Performance Engineering is going through the whole Software Development Life Cycle process. Performance Testing’s main objective is to define the bottlenecks of the tested application while the primary purpose of performance engineering to search, design, and implement the solution for the known problem.

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