Delivering digital solutions for the healthcare industry, FasTrax Infotech develops HIPAA-compliant health apps with powerful mobility

Our Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Our reliable healthcare mobile app development team of experts deliver the most prominent healthcare apps for patients, doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers. We build digital healthcare solutions that are in compliance with HIPAA and serve all users with appointment bookings, fitness monitoring, homecare tips, telemedicine, and so much more.

Our expert healthcare app developers integrate essential, effective features into their mobile, wearables, and web solutions, including geolocation, scheduling/reminders, payment gateway integration, real-time chat, and push notifications. In addition, our team offers guidance in healthcare mobility strategies and implementation to provide your users with a better experience and market your services to a broader audience around the globe.

Laboratory Management Apps
Professional Healthcare Apps
Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients
Hospital Wayfinding Apps
EHR And EMR Mobile Apps
Reminders and Medication Tracking Apps
Medical Connector Apps



Improved Efficiency

Replacing physical documents, our digitized services enable doctors to digitally automate certain routine aspects of their workflow which ultimately increases efficiency.


Permanent Access

With our digital healthcare solutions, patients can connect with their doctors anytime, find answers to their questions, and also read about treatments, tips, and remedies that their doctors provided.


Higher Productivity

Increase efficiency, convenience, and speed –doctors can use our healthcare apps on tablets or smartphones to treat the arising health issues of their patients.


All-in-One Healthcare Solution

From diagnosis to treatment, our digital healthcare solutions include attractive and interactive features for doctors and patients, such as real-time communication, lab results, prescribed medications, and so much more


No Restrictions

Patients can communicate with their doctors anytime and receive remote medical care; all that’s required is a secure internet connection.


Time-Saving Solutions

Doctors can directly communicate with patients about their diagnosis’, prescriptions, and treatments with our solutions to save time. This enables doctors to see more patients throughout the day and easily find patient information with in the software.

As an end-to-end digital healthcare development service company, we specialize in building the most advanced digital solutions that benefit healthcare providers and patients.

Patients Gain

  • Clear Prescription & Treatment Instructions
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling
  • emote Healthcare Options
  • Patient Portal Access
  • Secure Medical Records

Healthcare Providers Gain

  • Direct Patient Management
  • Increased Physician Efficiency
  • Passive Patient Care
  • Quicker Diagnosis’ & Faster Communication
  • Reduced Administrative Expenses

Our Healthcare Solution Workflow

  • 1

    Project Assessment

    Prior to initiating work, consultations take place, which include discussing ideas to eliminate all doubts and miscommunications.

  • 2

    Wireframing and Planning

    Our experts will not begin designing until all phases of prototyping, including wireframing with in-depth analysis, meet your standards of approval.

  • 3

    UI/UX Designing

    In the next phase, our designers diagram all visual components including PSDs and screens, and strategize optimal workflow before proceeding.

  • 4


    Developing algorithms comes next along with designing all functional elements with the required, corresponding backend modules, which will then be integrated with UI.

  • 5

    Quality Check

    Quality assurance is performed at this stage and improvements are made until a first draft is ready to pass a security audit.

  • 6

    Final Delivery

    When the first draft passes the security audit, the client then reviews it for final approval and if satisfied, we will launch the project.

Why Hire Healthcare Mobile App Developers from FasTrax Infotech?

  • An Experienced and Skilled Team

    An Experienced and Skilled Team

    Having domain experience, our development team leaves no stone unturned to satisfy our clients with trendy and innovative solutions.

  • Around the Clock Support Team

    Around the Clock Support Team

    Whether you need an urgent report or want to discuss further requirements, we are available around the clock by phone call, email, text, or Skype.

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

    Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

    Our experienced team uses breakthrough technology to deliver a plethora of innovative and budget-friendly solutions.

  • QA Tested & Bug-Free Solutions

    QA Tested & Bug-Free Solutions

    We envision your fresh ideas, develop them fully, and deliver bug-free solutions after performing quality checks.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    Flexible Engagement Models

    We offer three different engagement models, Fixed Cost, Time & Material, and ODC (Offshore Development Cost) to choose from for your project.

  • Security and IP Protection

    Security and IP Protection

    Utilizing the best practices, we are committed to the security of your business. We have a set of corporate policies an procedures that every member must comply with.

  • Strict NDA Policy

    Strict NDA Policy

    Before commencing work, we sign strict NDAs with our clients to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights and privacy.

  • Transparent and Co-Operative Approach

    Transparent and Co-Operative Approach

    We conduct a cost-free analysis of your business idea and maintain complete transparency throughout the development process and beyond.

  • Agile Trusted Delivery Methods

    Agile Trusted Delivery Methods

    Our development team remains committed and follows through on their service promises, using agile delivery methods, in order to finish on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom healthcare app solutions transform the healthcare industry in many ways by creating direct connections among stakeholders, supporting on-demand and real-time patient care, and providing professional networking solutions, and so much more.
It depends on your project’s requirements. Usually, it takes a minimum of three months to develop a healthcare app with basic features. If you would like us to include additional functionality, contact us to learn the exact development time needed for your healthcare development solution.
Yes, our healthcare app developers have 5+ average expertise in developing cost-effective digital healthcare solutions for startups and mid-levels.
At FTX Infotech, we develop all kinds of apps for health monitoring, ERP, patient care, appointment booking, CRM, and any other digital support you might need. Discuss your project with our experts today.
We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will provide you with regular project updates. Also, we offer 24/7 support to address all of your questions, day and night.