Data Analytics

Optimize Customer Acquisition, Business Performance, and Budgets with Data Analytics Service

How Data Analytics Helps Your Business?

Data analytics is used by businesses to unlock the insights from the customer behavior data. These data are structured and unstructured, and therefore, businesses can easily combine, integrate, and analyze all the data to create the insights that required for driving customer acquisition and loyalty. Data Analytics is used for designing campaigns based on the customer acquisition journey to enhance conversion rates. It also helps to understand high-value customer behavior better and offers many other advantages like:

  • Improve Customer Acquisition
  • Increase Revenue Per Customer
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Minimize Customer Churn
  • Product Enhancement
How Data Analytics Helps Your Business?

Our Data Analytics Services

Data Management

At FTx Infotech, our experts are using their skills to deliver data management services, including quality management, data governance, implementation, etc. to preserve the data and improve security.

Supply Chain Data Analytics Services

Using data analytics and optimization models, our experts provide Inventory planning and optimization to ensure streamlined supply chain networks.

Predictive Analytics

Our experts provide advanced analytics solutions to pause fraudulent behavior, detect risks, identify opportunities, plan business strategies, etc. with Predictive Analytics.

Big Data Analytics Service

Offering relevant and practical insights for operational processes, customer behavior, risk management, etc. using the right tools and extensive technology stack.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Unlocking the hidden value and discover new insights by creating custom reports for your business through heatmaps, creative charts, infographics, etc.

Data Migration

Our data analysts have expertise in migrating existing data and content through automated processes to upgrade your legacy system while considering system performance and security at the time of migration.

Our Process Flow for Data Analytics

  • 1Define the Objective

  • 2Data Collection

  • 3Data Cleaning

  • 4Data Analysis

  • 5Data Consolidation

  • 6Data Deployment

  • 7Continuous Monitoring

High-Impact Use for Big Data Analytics

FTx Infotech offers Data Analytics solutions for various industries like Healthcare, Travel, Utility, and others. Here are some use cases of these industries that show how these industries using analytics to grow your business and gain a competitive edge.

Healthcare Industry

Data Analytics in Healthcare is used to track and optimize patient flow, treatment, and equipment used in healthcare. Data Analytics helps to gain efficiency by 1% to the healthcare sector that could yield over $63 billion in global healthcare savings.

Travel Industry

Data analytics used by the travel industry for offering personalized recommendations to travelers through social media data. The travel agency also gains insights about their customer's desires and preferences and can provide customized offers and packages.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry can use Data Analytics to collect data for optimizing and spending within and across games. It provides insights into the likes/dislikes of the users and so on.

Utility Industry

Data analytics in energy management used for smart-grid management, energy distribution, energy optimization, etc. It is also used for monitoring and controlling network devices, managing service outages, and so on.

Why Hire FTx for Data Analytics Services?

Do you want to know what is happening across the customer journey? How to acquire more customers at less cost? Hire data analytics experts from FTx for analyzing the data and get visualizing results. We provide end-to-end data analytics solution by collecting all your business data from advertisement, marketing automation, CRM data, social media, web, and so on.

Our collected data helps businesses to identify the customers’ behaviors to reduce the churn rate. Hiring our growing and dedicated team of Data Science & Marketing Experts will deliver many advantages like:

  • Help to Identify Previously Unknown Business Leads
  • Deliver Real-Time & Practical Insights
  • Combine and Improve data sets with third-party and other data types.
  • Innovate and Gain Competitive Edge
  • Perform Ad-Hoc Analytics to Test What-If Scenarios
Why Hire FTx for Data Analytics Services?

Our Pricing Models

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data analytics is used to process data and get practical insights. This data is used to understand high-value customer behavior in a better way beyond profile segmentation. Also, Data analytics is helpful for businesses to improve customer acquisition and drive customer loyalty.
Our experienced Data Science & Marketing Experts collect, cleanse, interpret, and model the data to gather insights and generate reports to gain business profits.
Data Cleansing is also known as Data Cleaning or Wrangling, which is the process of identifying and removing errors from the collected data to improve its quality.
Python language has its own Pandas library that provides high-performance data analysis tools and accessible data structures.
Share your requirements through the contact form, and we provide you an estimated quote for your project. You can also contact us for a 30-minutes free consultation.

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