New Office Inauguration: FTx Infotech – India Crosses One More Milestone in Its Success Journey

FTx Celebration

FTx Infotech recently inaugurated its new office on 18th Sept, 2021 at Iscon Elegance, Ahmedabad. The office-warming event was started with an inauguration ceremony followed by a traditional pooja. This pooja was kept to get blessings of God for the prosperity and success of our FTx Team. A small celebration followed the pooja which witnessed employees and their family members to make this ceremony, memorable for everyone present there. The celebration consisted of a wonderful feast ending with a sweet treat for the lovely team of FTx Infotech and then the FUN element was added to it with an interactive game. Employees took part in the game and had a pretty good time.

Talking about the infrastructure and ambiance of the new office, the new space is adorned with state-of-the-art technology comprising of hi-tech workstations, comfortable chairs with better lumbar support (well, we listened to our employees), three meetings and conference rooms with con-call facilities, LED projectors & monitors and many more features that help employees in increasing their productivity seamlessly. The whole office was decorated with white & blue colored balloons and ribbons that set the right tone to the atmosphere.

The aura of our newly inaugurated office is peaceful with well-spaced and neatly designed interiors. A decent wall clock and few décor items adorn the workspace in a unique way. The new office is not only creatively designed but also is functional, creating a wonderful environment for employees.

We asked our employees about our new office and here are some of the compliments that we liked the most –

  • “Must-say, we all experienced the joy of walking and sitting in the new office that had great positive vibes.”
  • “The office has everything to make the workspace comfortable and enjoyable for employees.”
  • “I am excited to start working in the new workspace and all geared up with great positivity.”
  • “Well, I loved work from home and how company supported us both financially and mentally throughout the pandemic, but if I have to start working from the office, this is the type of office that would inspire me to come out of my bed and work”

Our FTx Infotech – India family is growing day by day and we are ready to welcome more employees to this new office! Join Our Team FTx – Apply Now

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