Significance of On-demand Delivery Businesses in Coronavirus Outbreak – Customer Retention Tips, Features, and Cost


The Covid-19 has now become a Pandemic that has infected over 5,00,000 people worldwide with over 24000 casualties, according to

We all believe that the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has adversely affected the global economy. Whether it is transportation, retail, manufacturing, or any other, all are primed to lose revenue.

However, there are some industries, who enjoy unseen benefits even in this gray situation, one of them is on-demand delivery business. Let’s check how they enjoy the benefit.

Do you know there is 600% increase in vegetable deliveries by Carrefour during the CNY period? These days, online grocery and vegetable delivery business has been seen massive surge worldwide.

On-demand delivery apps are not new to people. According to the recent data by Apptopia, an app store intelligence firm, grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt have started seeing record numbers of daily downloads surge by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively.

Among all, the Target app has broken all the records and saw over 53,100 daily downloads, which was 25,000+ a month ago. Like Target app, Walmart has also announced it would merge its grocery delivery service into its main app to increase its business, as grocery apps, these days, are setting a new download record.

Are you thinking to develop your on-demand delivery app to sustain this grim period?

No worries.

We give you an idea for a perfect on-demand delivery app development.

Firstly, you have to identify and track the top key performance indicator for on-demand applications. You have to consider three important things, i.e. User Retention, User Acquisition, and Delivery costs.

How you retain your app users?

Increase in a surge of on-demand delivery, customers tend to stay with you, if you deliver the goods on committed time. Moreover, there are a few things that help your business to win customers’ attention.

  • Provide 24*7 customer support to solve inquiries or complaints quickly and with friendly responses.
  • Consider customers’ ratings seriously and react to their feedback to keep them happy and improve your system.
  • Give special offers, discounts, etc. to your customers so that they can use your app again.

Check out some important features to consider in your on-demand delivery app development.

Sign Up and Sign-In Page

This is an essential page for the users to register themselves, as users’ journey starts here. It would be great to let your customer sign-up with social media accounts to simplify the registration process.

Account / Profile

To add personal details like name, location, gender, etc., users require to have access to their profile. Here, you can also add payment options and order history.

Search Bar

Without a doubt, it is one of the vital elements of your application. You can add detailed product with price, reviews, service information, etc. in this feature.

Matching algorithm

This feature enables matches the closest delivery option based on location.


The important one, order placement feature enables a user to add products manually and place an order in-app. It usually includes basic information like drop-off locations, customer’s info, delivery time, and preferred delivery time and place (if applicable).

Scheduled Delivery

It is also considered as one of the most useful features for users, who want to schedule their deliveries as per their convenient day and time. To schedule deliveries, users have to select a preferred date, time, and location.

Push Notifications

This is another must-have feature in the on-demand delivery app to send notifications about the latest discounts, offers, coupon codes, and so on. to increase sales and traffic.

Real-time Tracking

It is one of the core features of an on-demand app, as it tracks the current location and provides accurate time for your deliveries.

Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway integration feature is great to ease and it should be reliable and secure. While considering the payment integration feature, you should offer various payment gateways like Net Banking, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, eWallet, and so on.


With this feature, users can track and history of previous orders.

In-app Chat or Messaging

A must-have feature, in-app chat or messaging feature enables users to get in touch with the delivery person. You can also connect with the support team to sort your queries.

Reviews and ratings

This feature is considered as actual feedback from users to the service providers. Through Reviews, users can share their experience and rate the service accordingly. These reviews and ratings enable service providers to increase the scope of improvement and help them to provide better service.

How much does it cost to develop on-demand app?

The estimated cost of the on-demand delivery app varies according to the app’s complexity, features integrated, technology and platform used, pricing model, and so on. The cost of app development is calculated on the total number of development hours required.

You can share your requirements through Contact us form and our experts will get in touch with you with exact on-demand app development cost after reviewing your requirements.

Wrapping Up

You might have gone through an on-demand delivery app development guide and saw its impact. So, we suppose that you might be thinking to develop your on-demand delivery app for your business.

Be smart and choose a mobile app development company wisely. developing such type of mobile application needs expertise, technology know-how, and right skills.

We, at FasTrax Infotech, are reliable on-demand app development service providers with an experienced team of mobile developers, who have already developed 10+ mobile apps relevant to your industry verticals. Contact our on-demand app development experts to check out our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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